We have extensive experience in insert molding, usually with metal components, and overmolding both metal and plastic components.
Andercraft has mastered the art of medical injection molding, with personalized attention to all projects whether high or small volume.
Andercraft is committed to perform preventive maintenance to customer molds at no extra charge.
Andercraft Is Your One Stop Shop for all manufacturing and assembly needs.
Andercraft can guide you through the entire molding process from mold design to Production.
Our certified Dock-to-Stock process reduces duplicate work and improves quality and productivity.
Andercraft’s 60,000 sq. ft. plant in Mexicali includes ample warehousing space for your product.
Our commitment to the Kanban method of production assures a smooth working practice.
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Our location provides excellent response times to North America while capitalizing on the benefits of partnering with Mexico’s workforce.
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Whether you need a new mold or have existing tooling, we can get you up and running with great parts.