Mold Repair & Maintenance

Andercraft is committed to perform preventive maintenance to customer molds at no extra charge. Every six months of production, we pull, inspect, and service molds as part of our dedication to quality and satisfaction.

If minor repairs are required, Andercraft has a tool room to fix any minor issues. We work with our trusted mold makers to make major repairs, such us new cores, cavities, design changes, etc. Additionally, we make recommendations to improve quality and efficiency where needed.

  • End-of-Run Services, Included
  • Manage Mold Servicing and Repairs
  • Recommend Changes/Improvements to Eliminate Defect Production/Improve Efficiency
  • New Mold Procurement (domestic and overseas) and Project Management
  • New Mold Warranties
  • Hot Runner Selection
Mold Repair & Maintenance