Molds and Tooling

Whether you need a new mold or have existing tooling, we can get you up and running with great parts.

New Molds:

We source tooling with U.S. domestic mold-makers and molds from Over Seas. Regardless of who you decide to go with, you must select a mold maker that has proven capability to build the type of molds you need. We’ve seen companies choose Chinese mold makers based solely on price. This is a BIG mistake. The fact is, you can get sub-standard molds anywhere.

This is where we come in. We’ll get prices from several mold-makers, but only from those we have worked with in the past who make great tooling. For example, we’ll get Mold-Flow analysis on your design to head off filling trouble up front. We’ll be sure your mold has features such as guided ejection, inserted cavities and cores, proper venting, cooling, etc. And we stand behind our molds with warranties well above the industry standards.

If you’re looking for or have MUD (Master Unit Die) inserts, we have several MUD bases on hand.

If your mold requires a dedicated cavity hot runner controller, let us know if you would like a specific brand, or we will recommend one suited to your new mold.

Our warranties apply so long as the mold is kept exclusively at Andercraft Manufacturing.

The SPI has defined the following mold classes as follows:

Classification Cycles Volume Uses Explanation
Class 101 Mold 1 Million or More Extremely High Extremely high production and fast cycle times Class 101 molds are the highest priced and made with only the highest quality materials
Class 102 Mold Not exceeding 1 million Medium to High Good for parts with abrasive materials and/or tight tolerances Class 102 molds are fairly high priced and made with materials of high quality
Class 103 Mold Not exceeding 500,000 Medium   A very popular mold for low to medium production parts Class 103 molds fall within common price ranges
Class 104 Mold Not exceeding 100,000 Low  Good for limited-production parts with non-abrasive materials Class 104 fall within low to moderate price ranges
Class 105 Mold Not exceeding 500 Very Low Prototype only  Class 105 molds are built inexpensively to produce a very limited number of product prototypes


Existing Molds:

We often get existing molds to run. When a mold arrives, it gets a thorough inspection and we’ll send pictures or video if needed to help explain deficiencies that need to be repaired or changed. Then we’ll do a test run, confirm pricing, and send you samples with inspection findings for your approval or point out critical dimensions that need fine tuning.

Any repairs needed will be done either in-house by our team or sourced out to one of our great local U.S. mold-makers when more extensive repairs are required.

Customers are always welcome in the plant to watch your mold run at any time with a 48-hour notice.


Just call your representative or send us an email if you have any questions.